About O'M Yoga

O’M Yoga isn’t a showy yoga with handstands or headstands, O’M Yoga is about the nitty-gritty of life being embraced with laughter, maybe some cleansing tears from time to time, and the light-heartedness of understanding that yoga is just YOGA!  There is no need to take it so seriously.  When you show up to your mat with Mary, she doesn’t ask of you what she wouldn’t ask of herself!  She will challenge you in ways that go beyond the mat, all to EMPOWER you to see just how freaking capable you are!  Because Mary believes that we are all capable of living the life we want and that we all deserve the best for us.  She believes one of the best ways that we can connect with our internal power, is to take control of our emotions and allow ourselves to become resilient both on and off our mat.  Mary’s classes will make you feel like you are in the actual studio live with her, while she takes you on a ride from beginning to end of each flow.  You will feel so refreshed, renewed, and in tune with who YOU are each time you step onto your mat.