45 Minute Flows

Slow Flow for Lymph and Immune System Support

Props Needed: Yoga mat, block, blanket, strap. This class helps to massage our lymphatic system (which yoga is GREAT for) in a dynamic and detailed Slow Flow that moves through standing postures, gentle movement, and diaphragmatic breathing. We have our Core section and we close out with some gentle twisting with added support!

Winter Solstice Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat.  Our Winter Solstice flow allows us to explore the balance between dark and light with movements that embrace both.  Winter Solstice is actually the return to light, the days slowly begin to get longer and longer and daylight stays around a bit more each day.  This class plays with this balance as well, a “Return to Light Through Darkness”.  We find some challenges within our flow with variations of Fallen Star, but don’t worry!  There’s options and mods for everyone! 

Yoga with Bands

Props needed: Yoga mat, resistance bands, yoga block.  This 45-minute flow combines our Power Yoga with Resistance bands for a creative and challenging class.  This class works our shoulders, glutes, hips, and core.  You will feel SO REFRESHED after this! 

Mandala Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat.  This 45-minute Mandala Heart Flow will have us moving and breathing in a circle.  This class is FUN, flowy, and gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing.  Great for an energy boost!