30 Minute Flows

Core Fire / Stabilizer Class

Props Needed: Yoga mat, rollers OR socks OR a towel (for hard floor), cardboard pieces for carpet.  This class will ignite our core and help us to stabilize where we need it.  It’s not a flow, but this is PACKED with core work.  Modifications are offered for each pose.

Yoga For Sleep

Props needed: Yoga mat, bolster (or pillow and blanket), and blanket.  This class will prepare your mind, body, and nervous system for a good night sleep.  I would recommend taking this class close to your bed!   

Morning Light Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat.  This 30-minute morning flow begins on the floor in Banana pose, we then transition into our standing poses.  We open our chest and shoulders, awaken the hips and tap into our Inner Light for the day!

Roll Outta Bed Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat.  This 22-minute flow will help you wake up your body and ground your energy for the day.  Perfect to practice in your pj’s if you want!