60 Minute Flows

Flow Down - Fire and Ice Flow

Props Needed:  Yoga mat, block, bolster.  We start this class on our feet, plus Flying Frog is included!  We play with building our fire right out the gate standing and continue with a very fluid Sun B sequence.  This class includes an arm balance of Flying Frog if we want to give it a go!  We work our way down into some beautiful hip opening poses and end in a wonderful supported twist.  Fire and Ice and everthing nice!  

Vinyasa Flow - Shoulders/Balance/Core

Props Needed: Yoga mat, 2 blocks, and a strap.  This flow offers us a beautiful shoulder opening/release/mobility paired with core activation, and enhanced balance awareness.  We prepare the body for Wheel (or Bridge) towards the end of class as well.  

Yoga With Weights

Props Needed : Yoga mat, 3 or 5 lb weights.  Our Yoga with Weights flow utilizes dumbbells to invite in some added strength.  We flow through yoga poses we’re familiar with and add in the FUN of some added weight!  It’s just enough to offer our body something NEW!  We will feel invigorated, STRONG, and capable after this flow.  (You can also skip the weights and flow with body weight)

Flow Down - Hip Focused

Props Needed: Yoga mat, blanket, bolster (or pillow and blanket).  This Flow Down is focused on standing balance postures and hip openers.  We ground in with our balance and open up with our hips, allowing us to focus IN and expand at the same time.  Class will leave you feeling brand new with your energy and within your body.

Slow Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat.  We focus on shoulder mobility and stretching for the first half, hips the second half.  We move at a slower pace than our Power flows, yet we still move our energy. Feeling refreshed and renewed for days we need a slower paced practice.

Hip Flow

Props needed:Yoga mat, stra & block. Our Hip Flow helps us to release stuck emotions and blocked energy.  We work deep into our hips to clear our Sacral Chakra.  Creating space for the life we want to create.  We will feel like we can move with ease after this flow! 

Balancing in Storms

Props needed: Yoga mat & block.  This class invites us to play with the idea of grounding through the storms of life.  We utilize our yoga black for support, as well as a tool to show us how capable we are even as the winds may blow us around.  We work to bend, yet not break.  We will feel VERY grounded and at peace after this flow.

Emotional Release Flow

Props needed: Yoga mat, bolster, blocks.  This class is a combo or Restorative, Hatha, Yin, and Guided Meditation.  We find ourselves supported as we begin, then we move with some Hatha yoga (no Vinyasas), and settle back in to being supported as we end with a guided meditation to release emotions.  Very grounding/supportive class.